Dear Tennille,


From the moment I met you at at Guide Dogs for the Blind, I knew you were special. Back then, I had no idea just how important you would be to my personal development and to my career. For nearly seven years, you have devoted your life to keeping me safe while we traveled the country and pushed the limits of what a blind man and his guide dog can achieve together.

Over the years, you have supported me in accomplishing more than I ever dreamed possible. I owe much of my success to your partnership and endless devotion. Through hurricanes, lightning strikes, and mother bears, you have been by my side, step by step, tackling every challenge together with me. Your abilities have become legendary, and you have shown the world that we have not begun to realize the capacity of the four-legged companion at our side.

More importantly, Tennille is my best friend, and I am fortunate to have her as my partner. I am sad to announce that Tennille is demonstrating to me that she is ready to retire. This week, I will hang up her backpack and take off her harness for the last time. Now, we will go where she wants to go and do what she wants to do.

Tennille is ending her career having hiked more than 10,000 miles, completing six thru-hikes, and summiting some of the tallest peaks in the United States. Though she will no longer be my working guide, her story does not end here. She will continue to live with me, and it is my hope that she will serve as a mentor to my new guide dog.

I have enjoyed sharing adventures with you, Tennille. I don’t have the words to thank you for your love and support. We both thank everyone who has helped us over the years throughout our travels.